The Reality

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that truly reflects all our Resident as
This is how they really are!

Their positive outlook on life is a tribute to their character, resilience and determination to seek happiness
and the good things that life has to offer.
It is also true that each Resident faces challenges and issues that most of us don’t ever have to consider.
Extra ‘supports’ are required to enable everyday activities and these supports are provided by family, staff and volunteers.
No two Residents are the same, and no two diagnoses are the same.
While there are similar syndromes, classifications and needs, each person is an individual and therefore requires a personal assessment of their own needs.
Each Resident is assisted to identify the supports they need to help reach their optimum level of independence and potential.

We at Peacehaven value the contribution which each of our Residents can make to our community and indeed to this country of Ireland.

The Person-Centred care which we provide to assist each Resident is as
individual as they are
and includes such things as cooking, cleaning, travel, finances, educational goals, medical, diet, exercise, sports, etc.

An environment can be confusing and even overwhelming at times,
this can cause difficulty for a Resident.
Staff are here to help at such times, but so too are other Residents, who support each other in the same way that siblings often do.

Outside of their home at Peacehaven, our Residents engage with a world which often has not considered their needs…
Broken and Narrow Pavements which challenge our wheelchair users…
Infrequent Public Transport…
There are many obstacles to be overcome!

Learning the solutions to these obstacles takes time, – but with help
Most Things Can Be Overcome.

Therefore, as our Residents rise to the challenge of daily living, they enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities as everybody – going to work, joining community clubs and groups, making friends, shopping, enjoying coffee shops…
Simply being a part of the town and community of Greystones, Bray and beyond.


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